Add listener to a widget

I have a page with a single selection widget.
I’d like to go the Next page as the user select a new values from the widget.
Is it possible to add a listenter to the page regarding this component and programmatically move forward ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @S1_3524

I do not recommend you to try this as we do not support this type of behaviour in the webportal. In the old webportal, some people used scripting to be able to add listeners, but we never supported this. Therefore, if you are using these scripts in the previous version of the webportal, when you migrate to the new webportal, the scripts would not work as this is not possible. So long story short: we do not support it and it is not possible.

Let me know if this helps!

Best wishes

Hi Ana,

Thanks for the quick response.

Does Knime give the possibility to recognize if some widget has been updated in order to execute an action ?
For instance: user selects a value from single selction widget and another widget will be update.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi @S1_3524

Certain nodes do that – for instance, the interactive range filter slider and the interactive value filter . Javascript nodes can also interact with each other when they are inside of a component.