Add n Columns from vLookup

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I need to add n Columns from a secondary table using a key column with my primary table.

I’m using Cell Replacer node, but I think it’s not optimal adding the node n times.

Also the Joiner node it’s not an option because it’s returning several more rows than my primary table.
It’s there another option I could use? e.g.:

Primary Table
Key |Attribute1

Secondary Table

Expected Result Table:

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The Joiner node is definitely the solution for this. How did you configure it?
Can you share the data and workflow?

Hey, thanks for your response I created an example bc my current data is too big
Example.knwf (10.5 KB)

Joiner would be great if didn’t duplicate data from primary table, but I don’t see an option to disable that behavior and that only works the same as the vlookup (returns the first matched value), joiner is returning all the matched values duplicating the data.

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Hello @Oshcar7,

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In your secondary table key is not unique. If duplicate keys have same attributes then you can use Duplicate Row Filter before joining. If duplicate keys have different attributes and you want all of them in your resulting table then this is expected. Otherwise take a look at attached workflow and share with us expected result.

Example_ipazin.knwf (9.2 KB)



Ok Thank you I’ll remove duplicates from my secondary tables from now on…


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