Add new Columns to input table using one node

How can we add new columns more than 1 to the input table.Few of these new columns have contant values , few have null and few will have different conditions based on already existing columns.
Let say I have a table TEST and it has 4 columns -Col1,Col2,Col3,Col4 . Now i want to add some 5 columns to the table TEST and values as below:
Col6–>If Col 2 has ‘a’ then ‘17’ elseif Col 2 has ‘b’ then ‘18’ elseif Col 2 has ‘c’ then ‘19’ else ‘null’
Col7–>if Col 3 has ‘abc’ and Col1 has 123 then ‘display 1’ else ‘display 2’

I want to achieve this using one node only.Is it possible.


to add multiple columns you can use the Column Expression Node.

If you haven’t used this node, I can recommend reading the following blog post:



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