Add password in knime on excel file output

Hi everyone ,
I was wondering can I put password in knime on excel files? I have knime model output in excel format that consist of 120 files and I need to lock them all .

Big thanks in advantage

Hi there,

you would like to lock Excel file from within KNIME? Pretty sure that can not be done with Excel Writer/Appender nodes. If there is a way to lock/protect Excel file from outside of Excel file External Tool nodecould do the trick.


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There are limited ways to protect an Excel file using the Python package [ openpyxl]( But it would only offer protection from some changes (not from opening the file) and the password would be stored hashed - so no real hurdle there.

In general I think most password protections for Office files are more there to prevent accidental editing to keep a fixed structure - but they are insufficient for real protection.

Please test the Code first. On a Mac I encountered some problems with the sample files handled thru the Python code, although it did work. So before encoding all your files test it with a copy and always use backups.

kn_example_python_excel_password_protection.knwf (29.1 KB)


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