Add rows



I want to add more rows for example.


|id|date |name|
|1 |01/01/2018|mario|
|2 |02/01/2018|paul|
|3 |03/01/2018|josh|


|id|date |name|

in a nutshell i need duplicate rows with diferents dates. thanks.


I added a workflow that hopefully does what you want. Not sure what you will do with it though :slight_smile: You can set the no of ‘duplicates’ you want to have.

kn_example_duplicate_row.knwf (63.3 KB)


You could use a brute force cross join, but it doesn’t give you much finesse in the ability to match dates with names. Also, it’s wildly inefficient at large scale. But, in the interest of giving you different options… :slight_smile:


CrossJoinBruteForce.knwf (9.8 KB)


thank you, this is what I wanted to do!


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