Add rows

Is it somehow possible to add rows to a table. I have a table with information about the server failures per hour, but if there was no failure during one hour this row is missing. I would need to insert it with the value 0 to draw a linegraph with all 24 hours of a day. Otherwise it isn’t correct because only the available hours are represented. Does anyone has a solution for my problem?


What about a RowID, Joiner, Column Filter(, Missing Value) combination? If you have a table with rows for each expected interval you can join it (left or right outer). Cut the unneeded columns, fill the missing values with the proper one. (If your reference table has proper values there that is not necessary.)

The problem might be only with generating the reference data. If you can read it, then you have no problem. If you have a fixed interval, then generate once, later shift it to your needs. If the interval is not fixed, I would recommend to find a node generating sequences. (Is there a node like this?)