add weather data to datasets with timestamps and location

Hello all,

I have the following problem using files with timestamp and related locations as a base.
I would now like to add weather data (e.g. temperature, humidity, precipitation, …) to these data.
I was told that there are databases that can be accessed through the API to get this data.

Well, I have invested quite some time now, but unfortunately I am at a loss. Do any of you have a good idea for this or already done something like this?

Many greetings and thanks in advance!

@Jana_Tuerlich there is a multitude of platforms which offer weather data.
Here is just a small selection of them (sequence without any scoring)

The most relevant question for selecting a data provider will be the quality of data which you expect. Do you need data which is mostly accurat and really from the place you request? Is it good enough if you receive some calculated weather information.

Many thanks for your quick reply.
The quality requirements are not incredibly high. If the effort is also lower with lower data quality, then that would probably be preferable.

how would you integrate this data into a KNIME workflow?

Hello @Jana_Tuerlich,

if do a Hub search on weather (weather – KNIME Hub) you’ll find number of workflows using weather data. Now some weather data comes from database, some from local files and some using REST calls.


I would most often go with the API option which provides the data as needed and can be extracted via the json nodes

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