Add wildcards to a variable for LIKE in a row filter

I have a text file with a list of terms that I need to use in rule-based row filter. The terms are correct and results are accurate. The list is the output of another module and I want to use it as the input for a loop with rule-based row filter to filter all the rows in a large dataset for all the terms in the list.

If the rule is a simple $COLUMN$ LIKE $${SLIST_VAL}$$ I get the expected result, but I need to use wildcards at both ends of the variable but $COLUMN$ LIKE $${SLIST_VAL}$$ fails.

Has anyone found a work around for this?


Hi @TigerCole, you have to use stars * at the beginning AND the end of the variable if you want to check if the column contains the variable.
So I would suggest to edit your variable by using the String Manipulation (Variable) Node before the rule-based row filter…

I see you already tried it directly in the rule-based row filter (the format of your post shows this), but you need to prepare the variable before. Of course you can also define another new variable only for this use, so the main variable won’t be overwritten.

Hope this helps, Greetz, Tommy


Hi @tommy … it works like a charm! Thanks for the solution… just saved me hours a week, every week!



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