Adding a constant documnet


I have a requirement to add a document to the end of a excel file.How would I do that in KNIME?
I have a workflow that generates a excel file at the end. The data is in sheet 1.
In sheet 2 I need to include column names and column descriptions. This sheet 2 will be a constant and will not change. It will be needed to be included whenever an output is generated from the workflow.

Create Excel file with Sheet 2 and use

to add new data from workflow.


I was looking more for a way to create an excel file with two sheets in one shot.
I know I can use the table creator node and create a table and append that table to an existing excel sheet.
But is there a way to do this with just one Excel node? meaning write the output of the workflow and the the column description at one time

In short - no. But if you would like to use Pyton possibly yes.

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