Adding a Wildcard to SQL statement while using Parameterized DB Query Reader - Possible?


Maybe a very quick answer. (Hopefully) I am using the Parameterized DB Query Reader node and I am doing a search where Database Column is “FolderName” and the column I’m looking to match is also Foldername from another dataset.

However, there are times where there are additional characters after the folder name. Is there a way to add a wildcard after the variable so KNIME captures records that match the beginning of the name regardless of what’s after the name?


Hi @jhandatx -

Maybe something like this would help? The syntax will depend on what flavor of DB you’re using:

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Have you thought about these options:

  • construct an SQL query that does what you want. Yes this is not super straightforward but gives you a lot of flexibility
  • use the column filter with a wildcard (or even regular expression)

If this does not help maybe you can change the workflow to represent your task.

kn_example_sqlite_select_colum_names.knar (38.8 KB)

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