Adding date to excel - Date creation node does not execute automatically


I’m quite new to KNIME and try to rebuild and advance some of my regular workflows. To avoid overwriting files I add the execution date to the file - or I try at least. To do so I rebuilt the following workflow: Excel Name with Date – KNIME Community Hub

However, the workflow does not refresh with the latest date when I execute the Write Excel node or even all nodes. I also cannot execute the date node itself again, it keeps the date of the first execution. Any idea why this is the case and what I might need to change in the configuration to make it work. You help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hello dhouben

When you executed the Date&Time node it creates todays date and then your flow does stuff until finally getting to the Excel writer. The top half of your flow wont change until you re-execute the Date&Time node. That is why each time you executed the Excel Writer node the date stays the same.

You could reset the Date&Time node every time before executing the Excel writer node - but that is one extra click every time you run this - not my cup of tea!

I am assuming that you are representing your regular workflows with the Data Generation node and also that you reset the first node every time you run your flow.

I have created a solution for you (minus extra clicks!)

The only difference is that I have added a work flow variable from the Data Generator node to the Create Date&Time Range node.
When the Data Generator node is finished, the flow variable path attached to it will send a signal up to the Date&Time node and start it, this means that the top half of the flow will run again as use todays date.



Awesome, thank you. It does the trick. Really appreciate your quick help.

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