Adding many data sources to a base table.

Hi all,

I am working on a building a predictive model. For this model I am building a base table containing internal data and I want to add external data. Here are my example data. 

Example internal data. 

unique Company ID name size
000001 Example 10
000002 Voorbeeld 100

example added data

Unique company ID Revenue
000001 10000
000002 20000

example added data 2

Unique company ID Market
000001 Industry
000002 Retail

What I would like to end up with is the following:

Unique company ID name Size Revenue Market
000001 Example 10 10000 Industry
000002 Voorbeeld 10 20000 Retail

I found out I can do this by using the joiner node (see attachment small_workflow). This works fine (amazingly fast when compared to excel vlookup!) for small amounts of sets to add but I have to add hundreds of these sets to my base table. The method as shown in the enclosed picture becomes unfeasible and I have been trying to find a way to do this more efficiently. 

I tried is using a loop where I would add one set with every iteration using the flow variables (this flow is also attached loop_flow). The problem is, this yields an empty table. If anybody has any ideas that would be great! 

Thank you all in advance!



Hi Sander,

you can try to do this with the Column Append Loop End.

Create in each loop your table, and use the unique company id as row id. then use the column append loop end to combine the result.

Cheers, Iris