Adding more job detail variables to Extract Context Properties node


The description for the Extract Context Properties node states “more properties may be added in the future”. I would like the ability to extract more attributes related to job details to allow for better tracking. Currently, the only job-related context variable that can be extracted is I propose adding at least the following variables:

  • customName
  • workflowState
  • jobOutput
  • createdAt
  • startedExecutionAt
  • finishedExecutionAt


Also, it would be great if I could extract the workflow user’s email address in addition to “context.workflow.user” which only contains the username.

Hi @ningyu

thank you for this, that is a great idea!
Let me sync this internally, but you can already get this with a node right now. You could create a KNIME Component which get this information by entering only the job id

However you cannot get the parameter finished executionAt from inside the job, because this can only be filled when all nodes in your workflow are executed.

If you need an execution time of your workflow at the end, you could also use the Timer Info node and sum the column Execution Time since start.

Kind regards, Iris

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