Adding multiple constant value columns


I have an excel sheet with 13000+ rows , now I need to append multiple constant value columns to it,

I try using constant value column node , but I am able to add only one column at a time, I need to add more than 10 columns with different column names and each column will have a differnt constant values.

I can add constant value column node 10+ times and configure it , but I would like to learn to do it efficiently.

Please help me doing this.

I will add sample screenshots if the question is not clear.

Hello @cskksivakumar,

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Seems Column Expressions is a way to go if you are looking for a one node solution.

Similar to Constant Value Column node you’ll define type and name for new column while value is defined as expression. Give it a try and if any questions feel free to ask.



Thank you @ipazin , it worked out well and thanks again for the quick reply.

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Glad to hear that @cskksivakumar!

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