Adding new node-extension to KNIME workflow in KNIME SDK 3.4.1

I've been using KNIME 2.8.1 for four years. I'm now trying to convert to a newer version. I installed the KNIME SDK version 3.4.1. In KNIME 2.8.1, I could create a new node-extension in Eclipse, then run KNIME using the Run item in the Eclipse menu, and my new node-extension would be listed in the KNIME Node Repository. I could then drag it onto a KNIME workflow like any other node. With 3.4.1, I can create the new node-extension, but I can't find any way to add it to a workflow. While I've had several other serious issues with recent versions of KNIME SDK, this is the one that's preventing me from going further.

If I try to drag any of the files from the bin directory onto the workflow, in the Console, I see this message:

No node factory is registered for handling [my new node name].xml

I've been through the documentation I could find, several times. I tried "Project, Clean all projects". That didn't help at all.

Figured it out. I was missing this step:


"... we need to start a new runtime workbench ...." That works.

I wanted to write Hi... but I just could not :D