adding normalization to Normalizer node


we are interested in adding a normalization (median normalization) to normalizer node.

What would you advice to be the best approach to achieve this?

Should we try to add code to org.knime.base.node.preproc.normalize3.Normalizer3NodeModel + Normalizer3NodeDialog (+NormalizerConfig if necessary)

+ add doMedianNorm() method to the

It doesn't seem to us like subclassing those classes would be very easy to do here (without a lot of duplication code). We are thinking also about making this available to the community if all turns out well.

Thanks for the response




Hey Martin,

sounds interesting! There are several ways to approach your problem:

* You could write your entirely own node and if you have many of them, we can turn your set of nodes into a community contribution (I guess you've already discovered

* You can fork our code from bitbucket ( and open a pull-request. However, this requires that you sign our CLA

In general contributions are highly appreciated and we are happy to support you in what ever you decide to do!