Adding Rows Based on Criteria


Sorry if this or similar has been asked before. 

I'm looking to replicate an existing macro process on knime, which is constrained by the layout that has been asked for. 

Eg; I have two data tables, one with material and sales. One with a list of components used to make said materials (but not for all materials).

1 - Material   Sales 

         1              x

         2               y

         3              z

2 - Material    Component

        1                11

        3                31

        3                32

Where some materials have multiple components. 


I would like to join the tables in such a way that both components are shown, such as:

Material     Sales      Component

  1                x                 11

  2                y  

  3                z                  31

   3               z                  32


Any advice is much appreciated,


You can use the Joiner node, connecting the first table to the Top Input and the second table to the Bottom Input. In the Joiner node choose Join mode "Left Outer Join" and your joining column will be "Material".

Hope this helps!


Thanks very much! Not my brightest moment.

This works but I am now looking to create additional summary columns in order to incorporate all relevant materials into pivot tables. eg


Material     Sales      Component

  1                x                 11

  2                y  

  3                z                  31

   3               z                  32



Material     Sales      Component      Summary Material

  1                x                 11                        11

  2                y                                              2 

  3                z                  31                       31

   3               z                  32                        32

Is this also possible?