Adding values from variable to table


I would like to create a table, where there are columns with the same values, but I want to add a column that is populated from a list.

The list of these values are like

the static table is like this

What I want to achieve is:

I thought that I can do it with table creator controlled by flow variable, but unfortunately this is not the case.
May I ask some help on this?

I attach a wf to show what I need exactly
Thank you
tableValueFromVar.knwf (12.0 KB)

Hi @HarryKl

How about a Joiner and a Missing Value node tableValueFromVar_v2.knwf (31.4 KB)
Schermafdruk van 2022-09-12 21-40-05
gr. Hans

To add, a cross joiner is also capable of doing this.

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thank you, looks great

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thanks a lot for your help

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