Addition of special character in a string

I have a list of names, and in order to visualize some of them easily in a table, I would like to add a star symbol in front of them (using the one you can find in excel “wingdings” theme font for example). Is there a way to do this? I could not manage to do it with String Manipulation

Hi @Isa -

This is possible - check out the workflow below, where I append the star character to a student’s name if they got a perfect score of 100 on a test.



SpecialCharJoinExample.knwf (8.5 KB)


Another question how did you got a star in Arial? Could it be inputted as Alt+nnn?

Thank you so much - your workflow is working great. Another somewhat related question. Is there a way to get the star Red or Green pending a given score?

Hi @izaychik63 -

I tried the Alt-NNNN method initially - the code for the black star is supposed to be 9733 - but this produced a different character (:clubs:). Ultimately I copy/pasted from a Google search of ASCII characters.

Hi @Isa -

No, not in the standard KNIME table outputs. However, if you wanted to use a Table View (Javascript) node to display the results, you might be able to make use of the CSS Editor node and do it that way.

Thank you Scott.