Advance Row Filter with unique concatenation help required

Dear Fellow KNIME Community Members,

Thanks for generating my interest in such a wonderful tool I am searching since last 2 hours to see if there is a solution of my problem went through many posts in order to see if the solution I require exists or not. My case is somewhat different, below is an explanation of my case and the required output.

I am working with 10 to 12 different data files somewhat the data look like in the example below;

|Unique ID|DataSet 1 (String)|DataSet 2 (String)|DataSet 3 (String)|

|Unique ID |DataSet 1 (String) |DataSet 2 (String) |DataSet 3 (String)|

|123 |ssmm | | |
|456 |werh |wer |lsfj |
|789 |shytj |sdfe | |
|222 |lou | |df |
|333 |dty |fed | |
|444 |ivh |dfef | |
|555 |kfl |sdfe | |
|666 |dfhu | |dfe |
|777 |dfgfd | |dfe3434 |
|142 |hyi |f333f | |
|123 | |sfere | |
|456 |sfesfe | | |
|123 | | |erybr |
|1234 | | | |

There are four columns above I am removing duplicates by the unique ID as my primary key its not an issue but these Ids are repeating, I can remove the Ids which has no data by Missing Values in all the 3 columns.

Scenario 1: What if I have String Data in 1 columns and remaining two are BLANK as I have mentioned above in my dataset. I want the result like this ;

|Unique ID |DataSet 1 (String) |DataSet 2 (String) |DataSet 3 (String)|
|123 |ssmm | | | (Same Result)

Scenario 2: Is there an operator where we can define a RULE to check the Specified columns for the data and if there is that It should consider the WHOLE ROW in the OUTPUT with Blank columns remaining blank and data in the column as it is.

So can I achieve it by using any RULE where it should say if the row has all 3 columns blank remove that whole row and if it has value in one row keep it and same and concatenate if the same id is repeated with the unique text. Minimalistic solution will be highly appreciated.

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Please find the example in the excel sheet to better understand it as well. Excel SHeet Attached

example data set and output.xlsx (9.8 KB)

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It is not clear what exactly needs to be done. For beginning look at Excel reader and Rule-based Row Filter.

Hello izaychik63,

Here is the dataSet for example I am using

I am using the Unique ID as the primary key to remove the duplication and unique concatenation to get the unique values by Groupby Node and remove the Unique ID row if it doesn’t have data or empty.

I want the result something


So my question is is there a simple way to use the RULE ENGINE or some rule node to achieve this result where;

1- Unique ID 123 is Unique concatenated.
2- Unique ID 1234 is removed as it has no data .
3- Rest of the Unique IDs remain same as they have data in all three columns or one or two column.
PS: I want the Blank columns as I have tried in KNIME , KNIME interprets blanks as “?” question Mark.

I hope I am clear with my example this time.

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Here is a workflow which should help, however not very simple - too many nodes :slight_smile:

Martin K.

Advanced_Row_Filter.knwf (19.6 KB)

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HI Martin,

Thank you very much for the solution, this is exactly what I am looking for but yeah there are several nodes so it will help me understand it more. Thanks for the efforts.



Maybe I’m missing something but the group by node should be able to do that.

Group by the Unique ID and set all the other columns in the aggregation tab to Concatenate (or list) and uncheck the “missing” tick box.

basically the second node in the workflow above. I don’t get what all the other stuff should achieve as the output after the group by is identical as in the end.


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Hi beginner,

Thanks for your note :slight_smile:
I forgot on “Concatenate” option, that’s the right choice. It outputs column of String type (as was required),
so it really simplifies the workflow.
Best regards !

Martin K.