Advanced 2D plotting

Most likely this falls within the domain of Wishlists, but...

It would be very nice to be able to attach an additional variable or variables to the 2D scatter plot such that the points are colored by or sized by the attached variable. The end result is a higher dimensional graph and would be useful.

Is something of this sort in the works? (hope hope hope)


Hi Kirk,

I'm glad to tell you that this is of course possible. Simply put the ColorManager and the SizeManager and the ShapeManager in the flow before the ScatterPlot. (You'll find them under DataViews/Property). With these managers you can assign visual variables (properties) like color, size and shape to your data. All plots interprete these variables. At the end you can reach a maximum of five dimensions (x, y, color, shape, size).



Fantastic!! You guys are too good!!