Advanced example of reporting with BIRT

Final report includes: - zip code selection page - tables with scores - score bar chart as images prodced in the central loop - box plot of score distribution - bar chart of top and lowest score in each zip code area. All bar charts are placed once on each page. You can see this when exporting the workflow into pdf or docx format. To edit the report: 1) Execute the entire workflow 2) To access the report environment, click the “Open the report” button in the toolbar (make sure that the KNIME Report Designer extension is installed. If not, go to File, then Install KNIME Extensions/KNIME Report Designer) To export the report in your preferred format: 1) Select "Run" from the report environment 2) Choose your preferred format to see the final report. Note: if you have changed the KNIME Workbench, click View/Reset Perspective to see all panels in the Report Designer. Data obtained on April 16, 2018 from this URL:

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