Advanced Node Repository Search Tricks?

I could have sworn that I read about text characters that could be included in the Node Repository Search bar to trigger things like “fuzzy search”, “literal search”, etc… Anyone aware of such capability? I can’t seem to find it via search.

I am trying to create a macro controller that inserts Nodes via the quick insert shortcut. Text based search shortcuts would be very helpful for me to futureproof the pinpointing of specific nodes.

At this point a user’s current manual setting of the “fuzzy search” toggle can cause a different order of node results, and lacks the same functionality for node insertion.

Ideally I am looking for the ability to do a “literal search” for an exact node name and force a search without using the fuzzy match setting, so that the exact match is at the top of the list and can be inserted via keyboard entry. While “fuzzy search” does seem to deliver that expected result order, for some reason it doesn’t allow node placement via keyboard entry…

I went ahead and created a development request to extend the Node Repository search capabilities.

I will have to put my plan to do a “community release” of my KNIME macro controllers on hold until they can fix and enhance keyboard access to “fuzzy search” or “literal search”. At this point only the standard search supports node placement via keyboard, and the order of a target node in the search results is variable when you factor in community extensions. The Node shortcuts just wouldn’t be stable enough and would require too many user adjustments…

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