After the Timestamp Aligment node I need to change the data, how can i do it?

After the Timestamp Aligment node I need to change the data, how can i do it?

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Can you be a bit more specific so that somebody can assist… maybe share a small sample workflow to show some data that you have now, and give us a better idea of what it is that you are wanting to do, and the problem you are facing
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Hi Brian,

thanks for your answer, I try to explain better, in my case I loaded the data from excel that I normalized with the node String to number (node 22 string to number) and then I used the node (78 table row to variable loop start ), after the Row Filter node and the Timestamp Aligment node, after that I would need to vary a column of my data by performing a simple division calculation in order to attribute to some fields / cells with null value a value that is the result of the division, in fact some cells in the column have a value that I have to divide by the number of empty cells and the result I have to use to fill in the empty cells.

I wonder if there is a node that can perform my need.

I hope I have explained myself, in case I am available for further questions.

Thank you

Hi @tataoine. Thanks for trying to explain further, but are you able to upload an exported sample workflow with some data included in the workflow’s data folder. Without trying to construct data into a workflow it’s difficult to provide useful answers.

If you are unsure how to upload the workflow, please have a read of my similar recent post here, including how to include your xlsx files in the workflow’s data folder:

To create a copy of your workflow to upload, use the File
Then to upload it use the upload button in the forum-reply here:
and upload the exported .knwf file.

Don’t upload anything that is confidential. If necessary create a small (de-sensitised) version of your data that provides sufficient information to demonstrate the issue your are needing help with.


Counting number of empty cells sounds like group by node but do as @takbb suggests, that 's way easier for getting help

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