After upgrade of KNIME, I can't open remote workflow job for inspection

Hi All,
i recently upgraded my KNIME installation from 4.5.2 to 4.7.2 and found that i can no longer view a job that has been run on the KNIME server (4.16.3 currently) (also, see the guidance for what i am trying to do below). I recall in my course at the KNIME summit last fall, which was taught by @alinebessa, that someone had the same issue as me and there was a very quick fix (that i didnt pay enough attention to in the moment). Does anyone one now how to restore this functionality?
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Do you have the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor extension installed?
This is required to remotely work with workflows from the server.


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its so obvious… im sure its the first thing we learned. thank you @dnaki


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