Age average calculation by sex and store results in new column

Hello, very new to Knime. Searching a way to calculate average of age by sex and have results stored in new column for all row Id employees.
I tried many things but couldn’t get correct result
Any help is appreciated !!
Thank you

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This is a very fast reply to share a possible solution with you:

  1. Use the -GroupBy- node to group the rows by “Sexe” and aggregate using the “Average” operation.
  2. Once you have this information, you will need to append it to every Id Employee row. For this, one can use a -Joiner- node to join the initial table (your snapshot) with the aggregated data using as join key the “Sexe” column.

Eventually one should get the same initial table with the average Age by sex.

Hope it helps. Otherwise please upload here your data in text format (with *.csv extension) or in Excel format and the community will help you further from there.

Merci d’avance et à bientôt,


Many thanks for your reply, I’m going to work as suggested !

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Works fine ! Many thanks


Great ! Glad it worked. My pleasure

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