aggregation columns


It is a bit strange behaviour when someone first opens up the context menu for an aggregation column in Pivoting, GroupBy, Column Aggregation there is an extra Toggle Missing Cells option in the menu, but on open for the same column next time it disappears. (See attached screenshot. (Win7 64 bit, KNIME 2.7.2 64 bit).)

Also are there aggregation functions which accept parameters? I think the concatenate functions might use a quoting parameter (or even a value delimiter for diferent delimiters or for \n).

Thanks, gabor

Hello Gabor,

thanks for pointing out the odd behavior of the Toggle Missing Cell option. I will have a look into it. Regarding the operator settings, up to now there exists only one operator with settings from the image mining plugin. However we plan to introduce more operators and refactor existing once to take advantage of the new functionality. We also plan to move some of the general options that are only used by some operators like maximum unique values and value separator to the settings of the corresponding operators. We will also enhance the existing operators by adding more options e.g. adding a quoting parameter to the concatenate function.