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Hi all, I have a time series with segments of 5 minutes . I need to get a list of cumulative values within 3 hours frame (60 x 5 minute time step). I did this with Moving aggregation node.
However, now I need to find maximum value aggregated and extract and draw cumulative 5 minutes incremental values that aggregate to that maximum. Cumulative curve goes zero to maximum value. Any ideas?

Maybe as an idea to start with
The maximum of the column could be evaluated with math formula node (COL_ formulas). Rule Engine can create a column which allows you to check where to find the maximum.With counter you can then identify the row number and start from there.

Thanks, I managed to do that. Now I just need to figure out the rest :wink:

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Hi, again. here is where I am at. I managed to find maximum aggregated value. I then used “Counter Generation” node and found out in which row is that maximum and how how far beforehand should frame spread to catch frame of 60 five munutes segments.

Now I have this


the first cell tells which row in counter column software should start picking values, the second cell tells in which row should software stop picking values and the third cell tells how long is the time window (60 five minutes segments).

Here is the input table

Green frames match first and the second cell from the first small table and the values within the red frame are the result I want extracted. Can someone please give an extra hint? :slight_smile:

If you add (math node the 60 to your starting Counter you have the ending Counter, the row filter node allows filtering on lower bound and upper bound so you could feed those values as variables into the row filter node

OK, I have created lower and upper bound variables as weel as the length (60). Looks like this

So, how to feed it in the row filter?
From what I can see it can be done manually in this dialog ( I want it to be automatic instead)

Should I set it up here somehow to be automatic?


I think you need to click on org.knime… def.IntCell because you want to pass a number not a string

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