Hello everybody,

I have two files I want to combine. The problem is, one file (the first) is have 300.000 rows. Every row contains a measured value of the production process (virbration values), a date and timestamp in seperated column. The other file contains the number of produced products. Every row is having a column “id”, “starttime of production” and “Endtime of production”. The second file is having 2000 row.

I want refer the average vibration values to the production of one product. Therefor I would like to aggregate all the measured values (first file) with a timestamp between the timestamps “start of production” and “end of production” (second file). Afterwords I want to combine these two files. They should have the exact number of rows.

Does anyone have an idea how to do that?

Hi @Phibu

Take a look at Join by date range . I think you’ll find your solution in this post.


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