Agrregate xls files

Hi evryone

I’m quite new using Knime,
I was using SPSS Clem in the past.

I just would like to know how to aggregate xls files that have the same column structure.
I just would like to create a table with all data (rows) form my all xls files

many thanks for your help

Maybe you could take a look at this example and modify it. Here Excel Files get imported and the Loop End node collects the results. Also part of the file name gets stored (you might leave that part out).

Hi mlauber71,

Thanks for your help.
i tried the example you send me but i can’t find the way to solve my problem

I have same columns in both xls, and i just want to add values from both files in 1 excel
by merging columns

Can’ t find a simple way to do it
still searching

thanks for your help

Maybe you could explain what you want to achieve. The mentioned example loops thru existing excel files that have the same structure (columns) and appends them ‘vertically’ (the Loop End Node does that). you then have the values from (in this case) both excel files in one table in the same columns. If you want to so something else you might have to rename columns.

Maybe you could post an example of what you want to do so we could better understand it.

Thanks Mlauber71

i’m goint to check and try it
i let you know


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