Also looking for a Mentor

Hi, I was going through the KNIME Users forum and saw someone asking for a mentor and they got a response. I'm also looking for one right now.

Brief history: I just spent 8 months working on national voterfile data (state data up to 20M, nationwide file up to 250M) but got laid off. I was using Alteryx. Now I'm applying for new jobs and realized, I don't have access to Alteryx anymore. I'm going to have tests to take and I have no software! Someone suggested looking for open source/freeware alteryx alternative and almost all of the sites said KNIME.

My entire history and skillset is more complicated, but I'll spare you from all of it.

I'm looking for someone who's available on chat (google, slack, hipchat, I don't care, you can do ICQ) that I can msg/email/communicate with and ask questions. Also to talk to me about some things in depth, like model score application.

Not sure if anyone here is interested. Maybe is there an IRC channel where people hang out? I can do that too.



Hello Meta:

I can help you. But I would like you to be more specific about the help you can give. By reading your post, I can tell you that you have developed classification models. Knime has a lot of algorithms that can help you, for instance, decision trees to Random Forest, boyh has scoring.

I will be waiting your answer.


Thanks, Gabriel! I'll email you offline with a little bit more information.


Hi, I'm not sure my email went through the system. When I clicked "send" it send me to an Access denied page. I'll paste here what I wrote:


Hi, Gabriel. Thanks for responding!

I've decided to focus the self-curriculum with developing a product I can use as a work sample for upcoming job interviews. I'd like to develop a Tableau dashboard (maybe eventually a storyboard) on some open source data I got off the Clark County, NV elections website.

Alteryx --> Tableau is a pretty big deal where I come from and I thought doing KNIME --> Tableau public could be the poor-man's version of accomplishing the same thing. The way I learned, we do all of our data blending in KNIME, manipulate it into a Tableau-friendly format, and voila, big data visualization. (Don't worry about the Tableau part, I got someone from their forums to help me with that software. )

I'm looking for someone to help with the KNIME part. Are you interested in helping me out?

I'm on East coast US time but I'm awake at odd hours. I'm also online pretty much 24-7 in some form or another so I can adapt to whatever your preferred method of communication is.

I hope we can work together!



Vega and Vega-Lite (check on github) are great if not more powerful alternatives for Tableau. Maybe Tableau is more user-friendly but that’s it.

Dear Meta:

Yes, I want to help you. I am using Qlik Sence to visualization, it is really good and one licence is free. Tell me what do you want to do with your data of Clark County, NV elections website. Because if you want to do a classification model or a clustering, you can use Knime and then see the data using Tableau or Qlik Sence.