Alternative to Table Editor Node

In creating workflows, I often find myself needing to make some manual adjustments to the data I’m working with. In the past, I’ve used the table editor node to do this, but I find the node very slow. Are there any alternatives that allow me to edit data in a table which aren’t so resource intensive? Or any way to speed up this node?

I’m attaching an example workflow of how I’m using a table editor node at the moment. I know that in this case, I could just edit or add table creator nodes, but my datasets are usually not this simple, nor does the data come from table creator nodes.

Example Discounts.knwf (35.9 KB)


Are you adjusting the missing values by any logic which could be implemented? If so a secondary lookup table might reduce manual intervention completely. By the way when you say slow you mean opening the javascript view?


I do adjust the logic as much as possible, but there are some times that manual intervention is required. By slow, I mean it takes 10 seconds to launch the javascript view, and then to change a value, you have to double-click within each cell, or if you are entering a decimal, you have to press the period key twice. I have a number of teammates that work on these workflows, so it would be nice if there was something a bit more quick and responsive, even if it didn’t look very nice.

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