Alternatives for the PCA Node / Determine the ideal number of clusters

As this thread states: Knime PCA node convergence failed, the PCA Node is not working correctly.

I am trying to replicate this worklfow with my own data:

Is there an alternative to the PCA node that I can use in my workflow instead ?

Or in general are there other example workflows to determine the ideal number of clusters/topics for the LDA?

Hi @gnime -

As a temporary workaround, you can try using the deprecated version of the PCA node. Ours devs have been working on a fix for PCA - it’s currently in verification. Sorry for the trouble.


Hi @ScottF ,

Thanks for your answer.
I am already using the deprecated version, but sometimes it does not work properly.

Are there maybe any other example workflows which let you determine the optimal topics for the LDA?

Fixed with 4.1.0. version.



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