Alternatives to Joiner node

Hi collegues,

is there any good alternatives to Joiner node? Since while I perform an Inner Join between 2 tables with different rows number I face some problems regarding the execution time.

After the 60% of fast loading the Joiner node becomes very very slow. And it loads the 61% after several minutes.

I have cleared all the data from missing values, I have tried to use a Chunk Loop Start with the Cache node, but the execution time still remains very high.

Any suggestions?

Maybe could a Cell Replacer node help in this case?



Hi Giulio,

One reason for the slow down could be that you are running out of available memory so that KNIME starts writing to disk.

Have you tried to increase the Java Heap Space as described here:



Yes, unless you have "gigantic" tables, the joiner as such shouldn't take too long. Using a loop will only make it even slower since you will execute several nodes potentially using even more memory.

Increase the heap space and just let it run. For "safety" sake, once it is done, write a Knime.table as a "backup", in case you reset and don't have to/want to wait (well, unless it is something that changes a lot, then there is no point).