Always Normalize ALL columns



I have loop, which reads data from files. Then somewhere in the loop there is a Normalize node. On each loop run there is a different number (and names) of columns. I would like to have always ALL columns normalized, but there is no such option.

Do you have any idea how to achieve this?


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You can put another loop within your loop to iterate over all columns. The node you need is called Column List Loop Start. There you can check Always include all columns.

Then you put your Normalizer node between the loop start and loop end nodes. The Column List Loop Start node creates a flow variable called currentColumnName, which you can use in your Normalizer node (the variable's value obviously changes at each iteration).

Thanks, that works fine!

Interesingly, I've tried this before, but was not able to find "column name" in the flow variable panel. It is a bit tricky:

- execute the loop to run once

- then in normalize node "methods" tab, add the current column

- this will make that in flow variables tab -> columns -> "0" will appear

- in this field select CurrentColumnName

And the rest should work as expected.



The "dirty" alternative way is to strip off the column header prior to execution and then weave it back in again. Doesn't suffer from varible init issues for sure. :)