An Error has ocurred log file

Hi everybody I was working normaly with Knime, but suddenly  I cannot load my workspace. And there is a message that says. 

"An error has occurred. See the log file. D:\Knime-Workspace\.metadata\.log"

When I see the log file it has 9000k rows. 

Log file

I have the lastest version of Knime and D: is an external hard drive

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I have found this post here and gabriel ask to search another log file under this path

"located in the KNIME installation .metadata\knime\knime.log", but I cannot find such file. 

Any help will be appreciated. 


If someone is still able to help me, I managed to copy the workflows to another workspace now in my local hard drive and then able to run them. 

Still I want to back to normality 

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It's impossible to diagnose anything without the log file that you mentioned in your first post.

Thank you Thor.. I am attaching the log since the 27 of Sep Which was the day before, I could not load my workspace


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One (at least) of the metadata files in your workspace is broken. This can happen if you kill KNIME or if your hard disk or memory has problems. You must create a new workspace and import the projects from the old workspace into the new workspace.

Thank you, the problem was that I abruptly closed Knime (killed Knime)

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