An error has ocurred. See the log file

Hi guys,

Is my first time using knime, I have a 32bit windows 7 system  and I tried to install Knime...It doesn't work, when I try to open the program this message appears: "An error has ocurred. See the log file", I open it and to tell the truth I do not understand that is all I see. I leave it here and hope some of you help me with the solution.


Thank you very much!

Hi JavierLDiazG,

Which version of KNIME Analytics Platform did you try to install?

Did you use the installer or the zip archive?




i have the same error, i can’t open knime cause the window say me that an error ha occured. see the log file.
ok i found the log file but after that what i need to do?
thank you in advance

Hi again @SimoneDePaoli! :slight_smile:

so you downloaded KNIME, installed it (or extracted) and couldn’t open it? If so can you share a bit more info like what OS are you running and what did you downloaded in case of Windows (installer, self-extracting archive, zip archive)? Also do you have 32 or 64 Bit system? - there is difference when downloading.

If no sensitive information you can attach log here and someone will take a look.


Hi @ipazin!
No, i was working on knime but after downloading an extension was impossible for me open knime again. the window error says:
“an error has occured, see the log file n°…”, you can see the file as attached.
but i tried to download again, the new version on knime website and now it works, but i’ld like to know why the old version doesn’t work.
thank you in advance.


1585216582840.log (1.3 KB)

Hi @SimoneDePaoli,

maybe extension installation didn’t go right. What extension did you install?


Hi @ipazin;

i dont remember now which extension was, sth related to the reporting extension.
btw i downloaded a new version and now works, even if the old version give me the error.

I’ve read on the forum the solution to change a number into the inst.ini, but it’s impossible to save, cause it asks me to be a responsible of the software.

do you have some solution?
thank you in advance