An internal error occurred during: "Find missing extensions". java.lang.NullPointerException


As I am viewing imported workflows in a new KNIME environment, in order to detect the necessary extensions. The primary goal is to get a SharePoint Library Connection working. I have updated KNIME and have tried downloading the basic and MS connector extensions. After the latest update of KNIME I received the following error:

‘Find missing extensions’ has encountered a problem.
An internal error occurred during: “Find missing extensions”.

The internal error: An internal error occurred during: “Find missing extensions”.


Thank you in advance!

Hi @dragomirpetrov , it looks like this node might not be supported by your version of Knime. Can you tell us which version you are running?

Also, when you open the workflow, it should give you a warning about which version of Knime the workflow needs if your current version is lower than the workflow’s

Hi @bruno29a,

I am using version 4.3.2.

When trying to search for the necessary extension I receive the same error. When marking the missing node, in the “Description” I can read the following message:

" Node description for MISSING SharePoint Library Connection

Placeholder node for missing “SharePoint Library Connection”.

Node “SharePoint Library Connection” not available from extension “KNIME Cloud File Handling Nodes” (provided by “EPAM Systems”; plugin “” is not installed)"

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