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Hello KNIMErs,

next question about XML processing :thinking:

My workflow has to read in hundreds of XML files. In another thread I had the question how to check which XML nodes exits or not and handle with it. Thanks again to @takbb for supporting me.

Now my workflow ist running but - bang - the XML Reader Node chrashs because the content of the XML file is corrupt. If I open th XML file e.g. with Notepad++ the content look like this.

Maybe you can guess my question :wink: How can I handle this error in my workflow while the workflow reads the XML file?

Thanks, Brotfahrer

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You could use the Try/Catch nodes to read in a series of files, and give you an idea of which ones are failing, while still keeping the data from the valid XMLs. Here’s an example workflow:

At least in this way the workflow won’t stop every time it runs into a malformed XML file. Of course then you still have to decide what you want to do with the broken XMLs… but maybe that is what you are really asking anyway?


Hi @ScottF ,

thanks for the example. My workflow is now running :smile: :+1:

Greetings, Brotfahrer


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