Anova error message


How can I solve the problem related to this error message:

ERROR One-way ANOVA 0:846 Execute failed: degrees of freedom (0)

You really need to provide more context if you’re expecting anyone to be able to help.

Hi @elsamuel,

I am trying to analyse my independant and dependant variables with thnode One-way Anova.
The node executes until 99% then gives the error.
Is there any other information required?

It’s best if you provide an example workflow that fails with this error so that others can reproduce the error and troubleshoot the issue.

Hi @elsamuel

My workflow is very simple.
It is just a table read connected to the anova node.

image data.xlsx (191.0 KB)

I attach here the data table. I used maximum column as grouping column.

  1. I assume you’re loading a csv or text file and not an Excel file with the File Reader node
  2. What is your reasoning for using the maximum column as the grouping column? As far as I can tell, it does not contain any grouping data.

For ANOVA, you need at least 2 data points per group. Your data doesn’t appear to satisfy this requirement.

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