Antivirus message about Knime component (extension)

The antivirus gives me this message:

“D:\AI-and-ML\Anaconda3\envs\Knime\Library\include\qt\QtXmlPatterns\5.15.8\QtXmlPatterns\private\qpath_p.h >>> suspicion of Trojan.JS.StartPage.a ( 09B8F53E 08F7708A 00182159 00000000 6137)”

This is an Anaconda installation for Knime.
Apparently, some kind of plugin or node.
Is there any danger from the virus or is it a false positive?

Hi @R72,

I too once had Windows Defender flagging a Knime file. Flagging can be caused by code or behavior patterns and through other means. Back then I double checked the file in question, which was saved locally while scraping a websites, using this website:

If the check indeed is positive, I’d recommend taking appropriate security actions like immediately turning off the infected PC, creating a bootable USB on another clean machine machine and use it to try to recover / disinfect your PC. That video tutorial from LTT might be a good guide: