any ideas on how to take a file path from a folder so i can send many emails?

Hello, I have a problem mostly because I don’t even know if this is possible, but I need to create a work flow where I have one Excel file with an email a name and a “code”, I need to send emails to each person and the email needs to have a file, each file has the name, the “code” and a date, I have the email loop set up but since the name of the file I need to send changes each month is not consistent so is there a way for me to each for the “code” in the name of the file to create a URL path, so I can use that to upload for the email?

this image is an example to test, in the “binario” area it would be the code that each email will have, so I want to look into the code in the files then create a now column with that file path, so I can send the email, and I know is kinda of a weird idea (but I do have to send 1500 emails, we want to automate it, but we can’t change the naming of the files since we need to keep them for a long time after sending)

Hi @Bleck , yes this can be done for sure. Since you are working with variables, you can take a look at the Variable Expressions node which allows you to manipulate variables.

So, you can generate whatever value you need for variables there. You can do if conditions for example, etc.

Alternatively, you could also use a Column Expressions node and create new columns before the loop, which you will then collect as variables inside the loop.


Thank you very much, will add these 2 to the workflow and see how they work with the documents i need to send

ok, i had to come back because I ran into a problem

here is a mock-up of how it will look by the end, every thing is set up but i am not able to add the back slash ( \ this one) into the line, how would i be able to add it so it can recognize the path on the email
once again thank you for your time

just adding how i made it work and i think i made more clean than before
i added the files to Knime then i use a file path, transformed into string removed the non essentials leaving only the name and with that i was able to join it with the emails excel

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Hi @Bleck , the backslash is usually used as an escape character, so in order to add a backslash, you have to escape itself, by adding 2 slashes, like this “\”.

I am glad you figured out everything in the end


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