Any option to connect Knime with SAP Logon

Hi All,

I have a access to sap bw db and I used SAP Logon to access that database. Then I manuall extract the data and run it my knime module.

So is there any option to connect knime with SAP BW?



I'm not familiar with SAP BW and also couldn't find any solution to this on the internet or in the public available SAP documentation. So in general KNIME integrates databases via JDBC. So you could ask your it department or the SAP support if a JDBC driver is available for the SAP BW. Once you have the driver you need to register it in KNIME as described in the database documentation.

Another possible way to integrate it could be via REST. If SAP BW provides a REST interface you could access it via the KREST nodes or their successors that will be available with the next KNIME release