Any other solution instead of "do while" or elegant "do while"

Dear Team
iam new on the board and i cant switch totally my head fully to Knime yet
iam looking for an elegant solution but i cant see it already
In excel is easy : if ULID -1=ULID then ITEMCLS= “KELL” or do ITMCLS= “KELL” while ULID-1=ULID.
I solved it with nodes but i believe in one step can perform it
Ordered by ULID and TALALT columns and if the TALALT has any value (“XTALALT”) then ITMCLS = true while ULID-1 = ULID
I would like to see same value in ITMCLS where ULID-s are same and the first TALALT value is “XTALALT”
The picture shows the expexted result.
Can anyone provide other solution ?

Hi @Treesimon
I think the “Column Expressions” node can be useful for this case. This node allows you to create Excel-style “IF” conditionals (only the syntax is javascript). For example:

Link to node documentation:


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Indeed you are true
But unfortunately that mentioned node cant fill cells when the condition cells are empty ( to that place i like to insert “do while” )

I understand, in that case you can handle empty cells with an else if condition, like so:


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