Any way to make a component configuration node accept a folder name instead of a file?

I have a component with a number of configuration nodes that ask for some input parameters at the beginning of my workflow. Among those configuration nodes is a LocalFileBrowserConfiguration node that I use to query for the location of the output file that is generated. However, that configuration node only accepts files as input, so there needs to be a dummy file present in the output folder (with a string manipulation I extract the needed folder path; the output file name is generated at the end of the workflow).

Is there a way that would allow me to ditch the dummy file and point the configuration node to a folder instead of a file? While I can deal with this situation, I’d like to share this workflow (NOT through a Knime server, though) with other people who might stumble over this.

Have you actually tried with a folder?

When I use this component (in KNIME 5.2.5), I can select a folder just fine:


Facepalm. Yes, that works indeed.

I think, I tried to enter the folder. But without selecting a file at that point, that doesn’t work. I failed to try just selecting the folder :roll_eyes: