AP-6056: MSSQL Connector ERROR SQL Server Connector

I'm having difficulties with what I think is the New MS SQL Server Connector, breifly mentioned in today's V3.3 presentation.  (AP-6056: MSSQL Connector)

I'm uing the node marked SQL Server Connector.  It shows the driver Microsoft SQL Server Driver (com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver)  When I exectute this node, regardless of how I provide credentials I get the Error

ERROR SQL Server Connector 0:1 Execute failed: Could not create connection to database Login failed for user 'xxxxx'. ClientConnectionId: (Long connection key)


In my system the node: 

Database Table Connector also referencing the driver com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbx.SQLServerDriver with the Database URL coded with a SQL Query, and currently setup to use my login credentials.  Seems to work just fine.


1. Have I found a bug in the SQL Server Connector.

2. Is my abbility to connect, somehow messed up because, I got an earlier version working, I don't remember all of the details necessary. However there was a process document some where on knime.org.

3. Other than this is newer code.  What is the values of the SQL Server Connector over the Database Table Connector.  (Other than there are slightly different features.)


The SQL Connector uses the Open Source jTDS driver by default. If you have added Microsoft's driver in the preferences it will use this instead. I would first try using the jTDS driver, i.e. remove the MS driver in the preferences.

I've removed the driver.  Not clear if I should be adding some other driver on the screen, File -> Preferences > KNIME > Databases.

Restarted Knime.

Still geting the same error messages.

And the change has broken the nodes that were working previously.

When I re-established this setting to the sqljdbc4.jar file the old node started working.  But the new node is still a problem.

Do I some how have to reference the jTDS driver? 

Are you using Windows authentication when connection to the database? If so, did you add the additional parameter integratedSecurity=true in the dialog? Also, does the dialog show that it's using the jTDS driver once you have removed the sqljdbc4.jar from the preferences?

So when the MS Driver is removed I see the driver


Not clear what I do with Authentication to get Windows "Pass through" authentication to work.

I get the error "No Credentials or username for authentication given.

I have update to the 12/20/2016 3.3.1 code.


Still Similar Errors 


"Error SQL Server Connector 2:1 Execute failed: Could not create connection to databas: Fogin failed for user '.....'


Did you "add the additional parameter integratedSecurity=true in the dialog" as I suggested in my previous post?

I'm having the same issue. 

"integratedSecurity=true" added to Parameter textbox, but what's to be done to Authentication section?

My connector worked fine up to the beginning of last week. Now it doesn't want to connect. I have KNIME 3.4.1. Our KNIME Server runs 3.3.3, and works fine. And I'm using the default driver "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" I've tried Windows authentication as well as SQL Authentication but nothing works.

Is there a way to install 3.3.3 without removing 3.4.1 to test?