AP-9421: Update JSON Path library to 2.4.0 - KNIME 3.6

Hi, regarding the next update in Knime 3.6

JSON Path library update
We have updated the JSON Path library json-path from version 2.0.0 to 2.4.0. This version fixes several issues but also slightly changes results for certain JSON Path expressions. Most notably the behaviour of the deep scan operator “…”, which now behaves the same as the array wildcard operator “*” when no matches are found inside a child object. Consider the following example:

_ { “a”: “b”,_
_ “c”: “d” },_
_ { “a”: “e” }_
Using the JSON Path $…c used to result in [“d”] whereas the equivalent query $[*].c resulted in [“d”, null]. Now both paths will results in [“d”, null].

I need to have the previous option for the deep scan operator “…”, (not to include the nulls values on the outputs),

Thanks in advance for your support!


We have already an enhancement request to make the behaviour configurable. Not sure when we come to implementing it, though.

Thanks @thor for your reply and support on this issue, meanwhile I will be looking for an alternative solution, if you or anybody have any thought very welcome!!