Append new Column during Loop Irritation

Good evening,

i am getting a little bit crazy…

? What is this about

  • i am reading multipel drone logs and i am using this data for for WEKA and KERAS.

! Problem
All i need is that every Irritation appends in a new Column with all values. I am pretty sure that the solution is super easy… but i can’t finde a way to do it so.

this PNG shows the Screenshot from my loop.
And this Screenshots shows the data after the loop

i know that there have been some posts about that issue, but i couldn’t find anything, how to solve it.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @buechertasche123 The LoopEnd (Column Append) node may be the way to go. Screenshot%20from%202020-01-22%2022-25-15
gr. Hans


Hi Hans,

thank you very much!
it works!

now i am discovering a new problem… but i will find a workaround!
Thank you very much again!



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