append rows in csv by criteria

I want to append rows in a CSV file based on content and criteria in a table, eg.

Original CSV:
Name. Class.
John. 3B
Mary 4C
Mary. 3B

Name. Class. Number
Mary. 4C. 2325

So that new CSV is:
Name. Class. Number
John. 3B
Mary 4C. 2325
Mary. 3B

How to add a new column in the CSV file base on criteria from a table?

hi @anguslou ,

I’d configure the following setup:

  • csv reader and writer point to the selected file (Local File Browser Config)
  • join: left outer join based on Name and Class
  • csv writer: mode “overwrite”

I’m sure you won’t be able to append columns to existing rows without reading the file and overwriting it.

Hope that helps, regards, Tommy

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Does this help?
new_column_addition.knwf (24.5 KB)


Yes, it works, Thank you.

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