Append several XLS files into a table

Hi everybody, I am reading several Excel files stored into a folder and then append such files into a table, but I am having problems with the RowID columns as I cannot make it a unique value or in other words I am unable to change and identify which is the Excel RowID variable.

I am using an Knime example “Example for Reading a List of Files”, but in this case is different due to the Excel file.

Basically I want to change the ID to make it unique.


I am uploading the knime workflow and the excel files.

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Mau01 Append several XLS to a Table.knwf (16.6 KB) (17.8 KB)

Hey @mauuuuu5 ,

is it that, what you’re looking for:

If so, this would be the solution:

Yeah, thank you that was in front of me

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